Hey beautiful,

Let me guess… you have a desire, a feeling deep within inside you that you that is telling you that it wants to feel better in mind, body, and soul.  You have a desire to feel aligned and

  • To have More energy 
  • To be More alignment with who you are and who you are meant to be
  • To feel confident and beautiful in your divine body you have Now and know the beautiful gift it truly is 
  • To break negative thought patterns and stress
  • To feel more expansive in your body and not feel limited with the food you eat or how you move your body. 
  • To Manage emotions and limiting beliefs to help take back control of your health and wellbeing 
  • To be do have the mind body and soul that you are worthy of 

It’s time to make the quantum shifts and start aligning yourself to be the healthiest version of you in a way that makes you feel good, supported and loved.

I am Amber Smith think of me as your  personal mind + body trainer and lab partner with a mission to help you feel more aligned and to be a healthier more abundant version of yourself to be, do , have the love, connection with your mind + body, divine worthiness and potential so that you can live a more healthy beautiful life free from self sabotaging beliefs and break free from negative thought patterns and cycles so that you have the opportunity to be more than your thoughts, more than your body,  and leave behind your uncomfortable comfort zone. 

You are more than your thoughts and beliefs and it’s time to take massive action to manifest the  health and BIG energy into your life. 

I am here to help you to make those quantum shifts by clearing out the crap thats been sabotaging your mind with beliefs and doubts that tell you aren’t worthy and replace them with a “Heck YA I freaking got this”. If this is what you truly desire than I welcome you to The Body Aligned Method.

What you’ll learn inside the Body Aligned Method:

  • Create lasting transformations from the Inside out
  • Breaking old beliefs, thought patterns, and cycles so that you can have a real true transformation in your life.
  • Manifest the healthy abundant life that you love
  • Gain confidence and high vibe energy 
  • Heal your mindset and relationship with your body. Love your body for the beautiful gift that it is.
  • Learn how to nourish and move your mind and body with love and acceptance. 
  • Create beautiful positive shifts in your body and life! 

I am sharing with you a decade of  tools and resources that have made a big difference in my own health from healing from childhood trauma to everyday stresses and learning to love my body for the divine potential It truly is. 

In the method you will find 12 modules with pre recorded lessons, meditations + workbooks that will help you feel more aligned, limitless and supported in your mind and body health and wellness. 

Module 1

Module 1 is our foundation week where we start to get clear what it is that you want to achieve and setting intentions for the next 12 weeks. also how this program will help you in your health and everyday life to help you manifest the healthy body and life you are worthy of. You'll learn the 6 steps to manifesting change!

Its time to ultimately feel good about yourself and become motivated In life and start feeling good from the Inside out. 

Module 2

We will discuss how to understand things and that is what this module is all about to dissect our thinking patterns and understand why we do the things we do!

In this module we will discover:

  • Identifying your mental filters and how the brain takes in information that is generalized by how we subconsciously think.
  • Learn self awareness and it can benefit you
  • Your mind has it's own rules and when you understand them you can co create a healthy relationship with your thoughts and feelings so that they work for you. We go over the rules of the mind as it pertains to health and wellness.

Module 3

In module 3 we will begin learning about Identifying your emotions, becoming aware of them (and the specific emotions you feel daily) and learning how they are teaching you and through self awareness you can better understand them and control them.

We also will learn about negative emotion addition and how you can heal yourself and start creating more positive energetic emotions In your life. High Vibe Energy my friend!

Module 4

In module 4 we will be taking a journey through creating Intentions and through our Intentions starting to take Inspired action so that you can take the necessary plan of action to reach your goals that Is less stress and burnout. You find yourself more excited to take action toward your goals and love the process of doing so. 

Explore how you can creating conscious Intentions that lead you to taking Inspired action so that you journey through your goals with love and acceptance rather than stress and overwhelm. 

Discover the new meaning of taking action and creating a plan, let's look Into your habit self vs. your true self and how you can step Into your true self to become the creator of your life! 

Module 5

ins module 5 we will Diving Into the narratives that we tell ourselves. The conditioned triggers and patterns that keep us In our current story and know that you have the Inner wisdom to create new stories that you can be do have anything that Is worthy Including to feel good every day.

We are going to take a look Into what you can do to set better boundaries for yourself so that you have the time to say YES to the things that move you forward to your worthy Intentions and how your heart and brain work together and how you can use this power to your advantage.

Module 6

We all have heard the phrase "Skeletons In the closet". Those parts of you that are lying deep within. Those show parts wether you are aware of them or not are always being expressed through your physical reality with how you perceive your life and through others.

In module 6 we are going to take time to dig a little deeper to start bringing some of these parts to the surface so that you can start to to rewire your mind and body to release some the trauma and stress from the body to make space to feel healthier and energized.

We all have an Inner child... a little girl/boy Inside us. Your Inner child resides deep Into the unconscious mind. Our Inner child Is parts of ourselves where our needs and unexpressed emotions from our childhood were completely suppressed even If your childhood was the best!

Our Inner child Is also our Innocence, enthusiasm, peace and joy. 

This week we dive into getting to know ourselves even deeper.  Be willing to be honest, vulnerable and authentic and I promise you'll start to feel lighter and vibrant. And the best part as you release these suppressed emotions you help your body and immune system to fight disease!  

Module 7

In Module 7 we will diving Into what beliefs are and how limiting beliefs hold you back from doing the things you desire to do in your health, wellness, and life!

limitings beliefs have a big impact on your day to day life and hold power over you daily if you allowing them to come to the surface and understand why you are having these beliefs.

Your beliefs are what are creating excuses, negative eating habits, disease and little to no energy to do what is that you desire to do!

Let's start to rewire those beliefs and make quantum shifts!

Module 8

Now that we have become aware of the beliefs holding us back It's time to embody the version of you that you desire to be.

In module 8 we will master the 4 step process of creating beautiful health and vision for yourself. Discovering what It Is you really want, who you need to become, and how to ask for what you want that leads to the inspired action.

We will also take a look how to break down your goals/intentions how to fully believe in them without overwhelm and create your 12 month vision!

Module 9

Now that we have cleared out the crap...

In Module 9 we will get clear and embody the identity of the healthy version of you that feels amazing, loved, supported on the inside out with ease ..for GOOD! No more doubts how you are going to feel good every day because YOU are that version of you that feels good every day!

Discover new tools that will help make you feel supported and remind you everyday how incredibly worthy and beautiful you mind, body and soul truly are.

Module 10

Let go of the diet Mentality and be in alignment with your food!

Now that we have started to heal ourselves on a subconscious level, It's time to give yourself permission to enjoy all foods (in moderation). We will learn how to build a positive relationship with food and let go of shame and guilt.

In module 10 we will starts to Build self-trust around food and let go of restrictions and eating intuitively for more high vibe energy.

Also we will discover nourishment isn't just what you put into your mouth, its also nourishment outside the food you eat.

Module 11

We have identified patterns, cleared out mental blocks, and release negative food ideas its time to discover how moving your body helps with the manifestation process.

Just as your mind helps you determine your beliefs and helps you create the reality you desire, moving your body is a tool to help you connect with your inner self. Moving you your body helps shift your energy in your body and mind.

Manifesting health (or anything in your life) through the power of movement makes the process easier because if your mental wellbeing is clear, you have feel good energy in your body, the less you will feel resistance from limiting beliefs and fears.

Movement encourages mindfulness.

You will have access to a tool that will help you step into your healthiest version of you and step into your personal power in your health.

Module 12

The body is beautiful yet some wish they have something different or spend years feeling inadequate inside their bodies. What if you made a decision right now to change how you feel?

With the tools we learned throughout these 12 weeks help you to rewire your brain to LOVE and appreciate the beautiful body (and life) you have been given.

Your body is worthy and enough. It's time to implement what you have learned to manifest the health and body you LOVE!

It all starts with loving your body NOW in the process of becoming self aware and clearing out the programs, thoughts, beliefs you have carried with you throughout your life.


I want to help you feel successful make quantum shifts throughout your 12 week journey and beyond so I am making this program even more beautiful for you to help you with your transformation journey

Bonuses that will be included:

  • 4 live 30-40 minute Breathwork sessions and 4 pre recorded Breathwork sessions 
  • 6 Bi-Weekly live Coaching calls
  • 12 weeks of workout plans to help you feel successful in moving your body
  • Recipe E-Books
  • Living a healthy life: how to create healthy lifestyles in the 7 areas of life Masterclass
  • Desire and Anchor your body Masterclass: How to use your mind and body to get what you want
  • Well + Worthy product box worth $150 with 30 day access to the Well + Worthy Hub 
  • Lifetime access to the program, access to new content, and opportunities to go through the program again with each launch!


" I have felt myself get mentally stronger being more disciplined in not only the small daily things, but also in pursing my goals to become a pro barrel racer. Taking the steps to become a better version of myself now, physically and mentally... Im taking the steps in my daily routine to keep it going through postpartum and eventually teaching these good habits to my daughter. The BEI FIT lab has definitely been a huge asset in my everyday life and I'm super stoked to continue!" - Emilee D.

"I loved how comprehensive it was...nutrition, exercise, and mental well being. So often in my quest for better health I focus on just my eating or just my exercise. Amber’s program was the whole package. And she encouraged you to dig deep and really figure out your “why” to keep you motivated on tough days. Thank you so much for including me in your group and for being dedicated to your clients!" -Adrienne L.

The next round the Aligned Body Method will be August 29 2022. Sign up for waitlist to be notified when it will launch. Click link below to sign up!

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