Well + Worthy Breathwork

There is something powerful when we see ourselves, our beautiful bodies, and our human reality through the lens of love.  We then see our discomforts, fears, and challenges as opportunities to learn, grow, and expand into our divine potential.  

As a certified Revelation Breathwork Facilitator, My desire is to help you see your Well + Worthy self through the lens of love.  Breathwork has been a tool I have been using since 2021  that has made quantum shifts in my life Both mentally and physically as I have healed my body through pain from trauma, emotional addiction, and low self esteem.

Benefits of Breathwork: 

  • Reduction of feelings from trauma
  • Stronger respiratory function
  • Builds a stronger immune system
  • Releases stress from the body
  • Better Mental Focus
  • See through the lens of love and acceptance
  • Emotional alignment
  • Better life habits and routines
  • Joy within

Join me for free Monday August 29 at 1:00pm Pacific for Your Beautiful Glow Within Breathwork Session!

What's Inside:

  • 30 minute Breathwork session and 30 minute Q+A and coaching session after.
  • A Beautiful Glow Within Workbook

Allow and receive the glow within and feel your Well + Worthy in mind, Body, and soul.

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