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Welcome to the Well + Worthy Collective!

The Well + Worthy collective is a monthly master course membership  to help support you in designing a more intimate relationship with your body (and Partner) that you desire, nourish, love, and support and that helps you step into your most intimate loving version of yourself and receive beautiful pleasure within.

The collective is an opportunity to focus on your desires with more a whole body and in alignment approach and what your body desires from within that will help you discover the Feminine within.   

The Collective Program has tools to support you as you journey to having a more intimate trusting,  soulful, and pleasurable relationship with yourself (and Partner).


  • Each month receive an 8 module master course on a monthly topic
  • A monthly pleasure practice, meditation, and breathwork session to help you tap into your pleasure energy.
  • Monthly Pleasure Journal + Workbook
  • Unlimited Viber chat support
  • Access to Quarterly Embodiment Challenges
  • Access to all master courses as long as you are a Member.
  • Receive a special Well Nourish Box with your first month Subscription.

Desire your body. Nourish Your Body. Love your Body. Support Your Body and embody the the most intimate version of yourself.


1 Module


April 2023 MasterCourse: FEMME

Femme is an opportunity to connect to one self intimately, receiving full body trust, and seeing the worthy women who is already within.  

In this master course you will:

  • Learn how to truly connect to oneself intimately by shifting ones beliefs about their body and sexual energy and Receive pleasure in ways you never thought possible (and not just in a physical way)
  • Receive 8 pre-recorded modules to help you step into your Femme energy
  • Learn a monthly pleasure practice to help you connect and trust with your body just a little more
  • Discover pleasure through movement and food
  • Learn and embody pleasure activating rituals
  • Receive your monthly Meditation
  • Receive a 30 min. Femme Breathwork session
  • Receive pleasure journal + Workbook
  • Unlimited Viber Chat support
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